Buying contact lenses on a budget

Posted: 9th February 2010 by admin in Articles
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We all know that eye care is important and if we are diagnosed with a condition then an optician will recommend glasses to us. These work well for some people however many people are taking the decision to wear contact lenses instead.

The general opinion of contact lenses is that they are out of many peoples price ranges. However this is because they have only looked at the options available on the high street. It is perfectly possible to look into buying contact lenses on a budget.

For example you can buy contact lenses online. Now this is a relatively new idea so many people are still dubious but there is no reason not took into this as an option.

A majority of the “cheaper” lenses are actually the exact same lenses, made by the same company, with the same features just with different branding and a smaller price tag.

When you are diagnosed with a problem with your eye sight, your optician will give you a prescription. As long as you use this prescription to buy the contact lenses then you will get the right lenses for your eyes.

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? However if you think about it; it makes perfect sense. An online store does not have the overheads (salary, premises, business insurance etc) that a high street shop has, so they are able to pass on this saving to the consumer.

Also don’t forget that you can buy in bulk which means you can usually negotiate more of a saving. Never buy more than a year’s worth in case your prescription changes, but if you have the money to buy three, six or twelve months at a time, then you will save money in the long run – great if you are on a budget. Usually if you buy in quantity, you’ll also receive great cash rebates from the actual manufacturer.

When you are looking online don’t limit yourself to just looking at websites from your country. For example if you are in the UK there are lots of American companies that will ship to you, follow your exact prescription and still save you money.

As long as you are willing to shop around and have a look online, it is possible to get contact lenses on a budget without compromising any of the quality you would get from a high street optician – in fact in many cases you will be getting the exact same lens just for less.

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