Can children wear contact lenses?

Posted: 27th February 2010 by admin in Articles
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A lot of adults are using contact lenses, but what about children? Is it possible for them to use contact lenses as well? And if so, at what age can they start wearing them?

The main thing depends on how mature your child is and if he/she is able to handle contact lenses responsibly – this may be more important than age alone, but usually optometrists start to prescribe them to children between 11 and 12 years old. Some recent studies have shown that children younger than 11 are also capable of handling and using contact lens safely. Many infants and toddlers wear them as well. Of course, you would need to consult with your child’s optometrist to make a final decision.

Wearing contact lenses can definitely help a child in boosting his self-esteem, since glasses sometimes exposes them to bullying etc. Terrible that you have to think about things like that, but unfortunately, kids can be very mean towards each other. It can sometimes also be very impractical for children to wear glasses while doing activities such as sports, swimming etc. and in these cases contact lenses are a great advantage.

One other good thing is that children usually have way less problems with dry eyes, which a lot of adults are complaining about while wearing lenses.

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