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The most common problem for people who wear contact lenses is irritation of the eyes. Other reasons include swelling, redness, or having a blurry vision. As soon as you see any of these signs, you should immediately see your eye doctor to have your eyes checked up to avoid the problem from worsening.

One thing that can cause irritation of the eyes would be the inevitable wearing out of the contact lenses. When this happens, you should purchase new contact lenses to avoid any more irritation or vision problems. A common cause for any problems regarding contact lenses is the poor fitting of the lenses that could cause irritation and redness of the eyes that could result in acquiring blurred vision. If the lenses are worn for more than the recommended period of time, there could be deposits that would develop on the surface of the lenses that would cause a slight irritation. A rather serious problem regarding contact lenses that could directly result to blinding eye infections would be putting the lens in the mouth or spitting on to the lens to make use of saliva when there is no lens solution that is readily available. It is imperative that you do not, in any way, put your lens in your mouth to compensate for the lack of availability of lens solution. You should also remember not to soak your lenses in soap or any other cleaning solution that is not prescribed by your eye doctor. This would cause extreme discomfort and redness of the eyes. Another alarming scenario would be the slipping off of the lens from the eye so you should always be careful to keep it from happening. If you feel extreme pain and discomfort and you notice that your eyes are getting red and are suddenly extremely sensitive to light, have your eyes checked out immediately to prevent any damage that might lead to blindness.

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