Contact Lenses – Oh Have They Changed

Posted: 22nd March 2010 by admin in Articles
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Contact lenses have had quite a varied history. They started out as something that was a great idea, but in practicality was not so great. The first generations of hard contact lenses were welcomed by some, but for many they were simply too uncomfortable to be worn on a daily basis. As such, they were rather slow to catch on and gain popularity in the marketplace until the soft contact lenses came out.

Soft lenses made everyone’s life a lot easier as they were much more comfortable to wear and caused far less eye strain. In time, contact lenses exploded onto the market as more and more people heard that these newer soft lenses were nothing like the old hard ones. As is almost always the case, the next trend was in making them more affordable and bringing contact lenses to the masses. Of course, this trend was not missed out on either, as disposable contact lenses came out and eliminated some of the major concerns people had with cost and maintenance.

Today, contact lenses are very much a part of the culture and are widely used and endorsed. So much so that they have evolved from a necessity item to a fashion item! Nowadays you can not only get comfortable soft disposable lenses, but you can even change your eye color at the same time! There are various types of colored contact lenses and they vary from transparent designs that are intended to simply amplify your natural eye color to completely opaque designs that can change your eye color from brown to blue, for example. Believe it or not, there are even costume versions that do crazy stuff like give you “cat’s eyes”, or a completely black eye, or a vampire red eye – the sky’s the limit. So even if you don’t need contact lenses, you have to take a look at them anyway – you might just have fun!

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