Contact Lenses or Glasses – Which to Choose?

Posted: 24th June 2011 by admin in Articles
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Lenses have numerous benefits and also many drawbacks in comparison with glasses. In the event that you are looking to determine which choice is best for you personally, listed are a couple of factors to think about.

Typically, contacts do the job pretty much the same as glasses, aside from cosmetic lenses. Cosmetic contact lenses are being used to alter the look of the eye, and they are frequently used in the entertainment industry.

So exactly what are the advantages of contact lenses?

Well, contact lenses are nearly invisible. This is very appealing to a lot of persons, since they believe it offers a more youthful and attractive appearance, in comparison to glasses.

Contact lens users don’t have to go through the hassle of having to wear glasses, such as glasses slipping off or getting in your way when doing any kind of physical activity, swimming etc. In these cases, contact lenses are a big advantage.

And the disadvantages are?

Contacts are very easy to lose, and definitely very hard to find in case you do lose them. Nevertheless, most people get used to handle their lenses after some time, which in turn reduces the risk of losing them.

Most lenses need to be cleaned regularly to prevent eye infection and/or irritation. In case you select disposable once, you can dispose of them instead.

People that wear extended wear lenses might be more vulnerable to  infections, as a result of in inadequate cleaning or bacterial development.

For most individuals, the benefits of contact lenses significantly outnumber their shortcomings, but you must make your own decision about this.

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