Different Kinds of Contact Lenses

Posted: 21st May 2010 by admin in Articles
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There have been many recent developments in contact lenses to provide more options for consumers. Contact lenses are essential and highly effective tools for correcting problems with one’s vision. However, there have been many kinds of lenses that are available for purposes other than correcting vision problems. There are five kinds of contact lenses such as colored, soft, hard, toric, and bifocal.

Colored lenses are practical and fun to use. There are four types of colored lenses. Color tint alters the color of your eyes by using dark and opaque tints. Visibility tint have light tints to help you locate them if you accidentally drop them. Light filtering tints are specifically designed to help athletes by enhancing and muting certain colors as in lenses for tennis players. The color of the balls is enhanced to make them stand out. The enhancement tint also accentuates the natural color of the eyes by using a translucent tint.

Soft contact lenses are created out of a soft plastic and they hold more water. This makes them much more comfortable to wear. These are generally disposable lenses that can be thrown away after using them for a specific period of time.

Hard lenses are more durable than soft lenses. They provide the wearers with clearer visions and are easy to manage and maintain.

Bifocal lenses are specifically created for people with presbyopia to provide them with clearer visions and have the same function as bifocal glasses.

Toric contact lenses are for those who have astigmatism. They are made from similar materials as other lenses, and they can be soft or rigid gas permeable.

Whatever kind of contact lenses you want, make sure that you consult with your eye doctor first before purchasing them to ensure that they are the best ones to use for your eyes.

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