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Who can wear contact lenses?
Most people can. Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, older or younger, you can probably wear some type of contact lens. Contact lenses can correct your astigmatism, and multifocal contacts can help those with presbyopia to have crisp near, intermediate, and distance vision.

Are contacts good for my eyes? Can they damage my cornea?
Contact lenses have proven to be a healthy vision option for millions of people. But only your eye care professional can determine if they are healthy for you.
If you follow all prescribed steps for inserting, removing, and caring for them, contact lenses will continue to be safe and effective. You also need to see your eye care professional regularly to ensure long-term corneal health.

Can a contact lens get lost behind my eye?
No. At worst, you might have trouble finding it under your upper eyelid if you rub your eye and dislodge the lens from its proper position. If necessary, your eye care practitioner can help you locate and remove the lens.

At what age can contact lens wear begin?
As soon as the need for vision correction is identified, contact lenses are a viable option. In fact, they have frequently been used in premature infants, who sometimes have vision problems. With proper care and lens maintenance, infants, young children, teens, and adults of all ages can wear contacts successfully.

Should I wear contact lenses while playing sports?
Sports vision doctors agree that contact lenses are the best vision correction option for athletes. They can enhance visual skills like depth perception, peripheral awareness, and eye-hand/eye-foot coordination.
Unlike glasses, contacts offer athletes a competitive advantage because they stay in place under dynamic conditions, provide a wider vision field, and eliminate the risk of glasses-related injuries. Contact lenses also make it easy to wear protective goggles.

If I have astigmatism, can I wear contact lenses?
Yes. Astigmatism is distorted vision caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. Contact lenses for astigmatism are called toric lenses.

Are contacts hard to take care of?
It differs from lens to lens:
Daily disposable soft lenses are worn once, then discarded, with no maintenance required.
Other disposable soft lenses are usually cleaned at the end of the day, then soaked in disinfecting solution until they’re worn again, and may be replaced weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
Soft lenses that are replaced quarterly or annually might require weekly enzyming in additional to daily care.

Can I sleep in my contact lenses?
Ask your doctor. It depends on the type of lens you’re wearing, the composition of your tear film, your general eye health, and other factors.

Where is the best place to buy contact lenses?
After your eye doctor prescribes your contact lenses, you can order lenses from your doctor, at retail stores or over the Internet. The best place to buy contact lenses depends on many factors, including availability, cost and service.