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Focus Dailies


Focus Dailies 90 Pack Contact Lenses
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Numerous optometrists recognize that daily disposable contacts are the best contact lenses available, simply because you get to use a new, sterile set daily. Focus Dailies is one of the most popular daily lenses and they are manufactured by Ciba Vision.

Focus Dailies lenses are extremely thin and they consist of 55% water. They are well-known to provide sharp vision, including to users that might be suffering from dry eyes. Just like various other daily disposable contact lenses, they’re disposed of after only one day of use and they don’t need any cleaning or special maintenance.

The Focus Dailies selection consist of contacts that are ideal for people with astigmatism along with users struggling with near or farsightedness. Focus Dailies Toric were the first disposable contact lenses available for astigmatism and just like all other Ciba Vision contact lenses, they are slightly tinted, which in turn makes them simpler to cope with.

The newest add-on to the brand name is the Aqua Comfort Plus. This lens provides the same outstanding comfort as other Ciba Vision contacts, yet for considerably longer periods of time. The Triple Action Moisture featured in the lens is triggered thousands of times/day – every time you blink your eyes. Furthermore, they incorporate a cutting edge moisturizer, which in turn helps in inserting the lenses.

Although Focus Dailies are a bit costlier than other contacts from the same producer, you save in other ways, such as not having to spend money on cleaning solutions and lens cases, and by just tossing the contacts in the trash can nightly, you help save time too.

Peoples suffering from allergies will be thrilled to discover that these lenses are great for this condition, since there’s no danger of pollen build-up. For that exact same factor, daily disposable contacts are ideal for individuals with active life styles..

Focus Dailies Contact Lenses are an excellent option if you:

* Suffer from near or farsightedness
* Participate in physical activity or play sports
* Frequent travelers
* Prefer not having to deal with the hassle of lens care

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