How to Care for your Contact Lenses

Posted: 3rd March 2010 by admin in Articles
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Taking good care of your contact lenses helps you protect your eyes. Follow these guidelines on how to care for your lenses:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before handling your lenses. If left unwashed, any residue of lotion, food, chemicals, or soaps may stick to your eye lenses and cause irritation.

2. Learn how to properly put your contacts on. Also, learn how to remove these from your eyes. If possible, ask your doctor how to do this.

3. Put in your contacts based on your doctor’s prescription and guidelines.

4. After removing your contact lenses, make sure to disinfect them. Doing so prevents the build-up of harmful organisms on the lens. Use the prescribed solution for cleaning your lenses. Do not wash them directly with water.

5. Make sure the contact lens storage case is clean. This ensures that infection will not build up. You can clean the storage case using a brush and contact lens solution.

6. If eye irritation occurs because of your contacts, immediately remove them and consult your doctor.

7. If you are using disposable lenses, disinfection is not required since you only get to use them once. Do not reuse them.

8. If your eyes become dry, drop a plain saline solution to keep them lubricated.

9. When using contacts for the first time, you may have a difficult time adjusting for the first few days. Be patient – it may take a couple of days before they are able to adjust.

10. If you regularly wear makeup, put your contacts in first before applying make up. This ensures that you avoid contaminating your lenses. Before you remove your eye lenses, wash your hands, take off your contacts, then remove your makeup.

Wearing contacts are wonderful alternatives for eyeglasses. Just make sure that you know how to take care of them to avoid possible eye problems.

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