How to Choose the Right Contact Lenses

Posted: 9th March 2010 by admin in Articles
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There are three functions of contact lenses: provide good alternative to your everyday glasses; address your need to look better; and provide ease and comfort when performing your everyday functions, as if you have a 20/20 vision. It is therefore important to choose the appropriate contact lenses for your eyes.

Here are some of the guidelines to consider:

1. Consider whether you want soft lenses or rigid lenses. Soft lenses are the reusable types, or the so-called disposable lenses. Soft lenses are economical, convenient, and great for traveling. Rigid lenses are much more suitable for longer periods of wear. They are comfortable even if worn for an extended period and they are considered as the safest types of lenses for the eyes.

2. Are you nearsighted or farsighted? You should choose your contacts based on your vision problems. Spherical contacts are for nearsightedness or farsightedness; bifocal contacts correct presbyopia while toric lenses are for astigmatism.

3. Eye health is also an important consideration when looking for contact lenses. To allow more oxygen to pass through, gas permeable lenses are the best choices followed by hybrid lenses then the soft contact lenses.

4. Consider also the size of your eyes. Soft contacts are larger but they conform better to the shape of the eyes. Hybrid contacts are best for smaller eyes.

5. If budget is your concern, the cheapest eye lenses are the soft contact lenses. Remember, however, that they are disposable and need to be replaced monthly or yearly. If you want something that will last a few years and you think that your prescription will not change for a few years, go for the more expensive gas-permeable lenses.

As the one who will wear the contacts, you have the freedom to choose what you want based on the prescription of your doctor. Have you made your choice already?

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