How to handle your contact lenses

Posted: 6th June 2011 by admin in Articles
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In the event that you are a new comer to wearing lenses, then it is pretty obvious that you will have lots of thoughts about the whole thing. At times the employees in the eye doctor’s office review the info so rapidly simply out of habit and as a result, precisely what are the most typical concerns new contact lens users will have?

The most common problem is exactly how to be able to tell if the contact lens is inside out or not.With a bit of practice, it will be fairly simple to do. Put the lens on your fingertip (index finger is the most common) so it looks like a cup. Then check the edge of the contact lens. Does it look like the edges are bending outwards or does the contact lens look U-shaped? In the event that the edge bends out, this means  the lens is inside out. And please do not worry in case you would put the lens in your eye while it’s turned inside out. This won’t actually  damage your eye, it will however irritate your eye and you should remove it right away from your eye and re-insert it the correct way.

Many newbies get really annoyed at just how long it may take to be able to insert the lens in to their eyes. You should be happy to know that usually in a few days of practice, inserting your lenses will be 2nd nature. Nevertheless, there are a few guidelines that you should know about before dealing with your contacts.

For starters, always wash your hands prior to touching your contact lenses. The reason being that a dirty lens can easily trigger eye irritation and might ultimately result in an eye infection. Secondly, clean your contact lenses as suggested by the manufacturer.

Whenever applying your contacts it’s best to deal with one eye before the other. What this means is that in case you insert the right contact lens first, do this every time. This will develop a routine and help you in avoiding mixing the lenses together. Utilize your middle or index finger to insert the contact lens. Hold your eye lid open with your other hand. Numerous persons will advise you to look up as you insert it, but to some people, this feels a bit uncomfortable. In case it feels easier  to look straight ahead, then by all means do so. Do whatever works for you. Following insertion of the lens, roll your eye a bit and blink a few times since this will help in settling the lens into place.

Make sure you don’t lose your patience and to practice over and over. Within a few days you will be an expert!

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