How to Properly Care for Contact Lenses

Posted: 7th May 2010 by admin in Articles
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There are plenty of products in every pharmacy, drugstore, and supermarket that are dedicated to providing proper care for contact lenses. It can get quite confusing when you’re deciding on what product to choose to properly care for your contact lenses. It is very important that you take really good care of your contact lenses. A tiny damage to a lens can directly lead to several eye problems such as infections and maybe even blindness.

However, you should always remember to check with your eye doctor first or any professional health care specialist before switching contact lens care products. There are some products that are not compatible with other contact lenses, which could directly lead to further eye problems, infections, and vision problems.

The first thing that you always need to do before anything else is to regularly wash your hands thoroughly. Doing so would prevent dirt and germs from transferring into the lenses and getting into your eyes. Try to stay away from moisturizing soaps because they are not good for handling contact lenses. Remember to always keep your hands dry to avoid moisture from getting into your contact lenses. Clean each lens with the prescribed lens care solution as this gets rid of any buildup that have accumulated and any kind of debris that could cause damage to your contact lenses. Carefully rinse each lens once again to make sure that you have gotten rid of all the residue and debris. Place each lens carefully into a thoroughly clean lens case. Then fill the lens case with fresh contact lenses care solution. This disinfects your lenses and effectively kills all microorganisms.

There are disposable contact lenses available on the market for proper lens care that does not require too much of your time. However, you should always remember to check with your eye doctor first to avoid any eye problems.

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