New Contact Lens Wearers

Posted: 26th June 2010 by admin in Articles
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If you are new to wearing contact lenses, there is certainly no doubt that you have got a lot of questions. Sometimes the people that work at the optometrist goes through the information so fast due to the fact it’s normal routine for them. Therefore following their first visit, new contact lens users usually have got several questions. Here are some of the most common:

One of the biggest problems to new contact lens users is how you can tell if the lens is inside out or not. The easiest way is to place the lens on the fingertip so that it looks like a cup. At this point, look at the edge of the lens. Does it seem that the top edges are flared out or does the contact lens forms a regular U shape? If the top edges are flared out, then the lens is inside out.

A great deal of newbies become discouraged when realizing just how long it may take to manage to get their contact lenses in place. Let’s be honest – it’s not really normal to be touching your eyeball with your fingers! You should take comfort in the fact that after a week or two of training, applying contact lenses will be second nature. There are nevertheless some guidelines that you ought to adhere to before dealing with your contact lenses.

First, just before dealing with your lenses you must always wash both hands. Otherwise this can trigger discomfort and could ultimately result in an eye infection. Also thoroughly clean your contact lenses as recommended by the manufacturer.

Any time you are applying the lenses, do one eye prior to the other. This means that when you put the right contact lens in first, do so every day. This will generate a habit and help you in preventing a mix up of the lenses. Make use of your middle or index finger to insert the lens on to the eye. Your opposite hand should hold your eye lid open. A lot of people will tell you to look up while you insert, but this may be uncomfortable to some individuals. If it feels more natural to look straight ahead, then by all means do so. Do exactly what is comfortable to you. After insertion, blink a few times to help the lens get in to into the correct position on the eye.

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