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Some people are hesitant to use contact lenses because they are unsure of the proper way to apply and remove them. New contact lens users need not worry. Putting on and removing contact lenses is an easy task.

How do you know if your contact lenses are inside out? You may not easily notice it, but if you will look carefully, there is a difference. Here is a trick. Place the lens on your index finger in a way that a cup is formed. If the lens look like a half ball, it is in the correct position. If it looks like a bowl with a rim, it is inside out. If you can not spot the difference, wear the lens. If it is uncomfortable to use, it is inside out.

How to properly place your lenses in your eyes? The first thing to do is clean your hands with a gentle soap to avoid contaminating your lenses. Wearing a dirty lens can result in an eye infection. Get the lens from the storage case and place it on the tip of your middle or index finger. Pull down the lower eyelid and pull up the upper eyelid using the thumb and index fingers of your other hand. Position the lens on the eye level and gently place it in the eye. Once it is inside gently close and roll your eye in all directions. This is to help your lens settle inside.

Your hands should be clean as well before removing the lens. To remove it, use the thumb and index fingers of your hand to pull your upper and lower eyelid. Using the thumb and index fingers of the other hand, gently lift the lens from your eye. As much as possible, new contact lens users should keep their fingernails short so that they will not scratch the lenses as well as their eyes.

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