Why choose contact lenses over glasses

Posted: 14th February 2010 by admin in Articles
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Every single day more people are diagnosed with poor eye sight. Most of the people will go onto wear glasses as advised by the optician. However there are many advantages to choosing contact lenses over glasses. Lots of people actually use both but for their day to day life, work etc they choose contact lenses just because how much better they actually work out once you are used to them.

If you wear glasses some times you can find that there is some distortion to your eye sight because of the distance between your eye and the lenses. A contact lens is worn directly on the eye for more natural vision and no distortion. The same can be said for your side view, which can be poor when glasses. You wouldn’t have the problem with contact lenses as you can see all around you.

For many people simply wearing glasses on your face can be annoying and uncomfortable. You are aware of the fact that they are always on your face which can be very off putting. Even simple actions such as bending can cause your glasses to slip down your nose and off your face. You don’t have any of these problems with contact lenses. Once they are in place they are there for the day until you choose to take them out, much easier than glasses.

Don’t forget that glasses can fog up when cooking or going outside. This is both annoying and distracting. This wouldn’t happen with contact lenses.

However the main reason for many people choosing contact lenses over glasses is vanity. When we glasses we sometimes to have to consider the outfit we are wearing, will it go with the color dress I am wearing? Sometimes just want to be able to go out without having to worry about wearing glasses, what they look like and whether they suit our outfit. With contact lenses you don’t have any of this worry.

These are just a few of the most popular reasons that people choose contact lenses over glasses. In general they are more practical for those of us that have busy lives and don’t want to have to think about our eye sight all day.

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